there are many tags of html5 that IE doesn't support and i have no idea why. < main role = " main " >... Irgendwie passen dein Installatiosnsverlauf und die installierten Programme nicht zusammen, es sieht fast so aus, als ob statt IE11 teilweise IE10 dort steht oder umgekehrt. Dann habe Nothing new any of this, but it’s one of those quirks you can run into longer after you thought you had all the HTML5 stuff figured out in terms of browser support. I was working on an my old Weblog code to tweak some of the markup a couple of days ago and ran into yet another issue with Internet Explorer: The HTML5
element tag doesn’t appear to be working in any version of Internet Explorer. --FAQs für IE/Edge: https: ... Guten Tag B-Hörnchen und A-Hörnchen. Guidance about changes to the IE Customization Wizard, security zones, Favorites, Command, and Status bars, and the search box. The inclusion of a main element (or similar) has long been debated in the working groups with authors and others often questioning why we had new elements such as
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